Tips on How to Come Up With a Captivating Book Blurb

After writing a book, you should give a brief explanation of the content of the book so as to promote your book. This description is known as a book blurb. In the past, during hardback publishing, this description was written on the inner back cover. However, with the development of paperback publishing, authors have started to write books blurbs on the back cover. Click to get more info about Book Blurb. In the current publishing arena where people are finding buying books online the best thing to do, you can find blurbs on the product pages or digital retailer. At times, these blurbs will be termed as book descriptions.
Your book descriptions require being dynamic and precise. The description is supposed to help the readers of the book understand the events that took place before they even read the book. It is important to note that the blurb of your book can make or break your book. Some people will be interested in your book based on the description you have given. However, you need to avoid the mistake of making the readers know everything about the book before they even read the book.  Your blurb should also not be an introduction to your book.
Your description should introduce the main characters in your book. This is important. In case you are writing a novel, your description should major on the main characters. Before reading or buying a book, most readers will look at the synopsis.   You should however not give the whole story about the characters. You only need to give a simple description of how these characters feature in the story. The description should help the readers know why the book is for them. Click link to get more info Book Blurb. Most people know the next book they would like to read. A good description will not attempt selling the book to everyone. It will help people who want to read a book like yours realize that the book is for them.
If you go too deep in your description, you will make a mistake of having a blurb that is too long. Remember that your description should give a hint of the characters, genre and central conflict. It should not give a full explanation of these elements. Your blurb should be around 150 to 200 words.  Avoid clinches that will only add on to the length of your description.  Make sure that the tone you use on your description is the same in your book. This will ensure that your readers do not get disappointed when they start reading the novel due to change of tone. Learn more from

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